Pomegranate Fonts


Pomegranate fonts is a joint venture between Carolyn Puzzovio in the United Kingdom and Edik Ghabuzyan in Yerevan, Armenia. The intention of the partnership is to make a range of readable and beautiful OpenType fonts which incorporate both Latin and Armenian characters available for Macintosh or PC users.

The work of Pomegranate Fonts honours the memory of the Saint Mesrob Mashtots, the Armenian cleric who devised this unique alphabet for the people of Armenia in 405 AD over 1600 years ago a vital development for Armenian cultural identity across the diaspora, to this day.

The Armenian alphabet is a phonetic alphabet (ie. each character represents a sound, both vowels and consonants) which was originally devised in the 5th century by a monk, Mesrob Mashtots (St. Mesrob, c.361440) who is said to have seen the letters in a vision from God.

This alphabet was adopted in 406 AD by an edict of the Armenian King and most letters have remained fundamentally unchanged since then. So, due to this, the Armenian alphabet is fundamental to Armenian religion, language, literature and culture